Happy Sunday to you, I hope you’re having a lovely relaxing day😍

Here’s the latest Mixcloud from Chops and Abigail’s #DrivetimeDisco show on Release Radio, one of my favourite shows so far, and if you love Disco House I’m sure you’ll agree, what a selection from Chops! Pop it on and play it loud whilst you’re preparing your Sunday lunch or whatever you may be up to on this cold and sunny Sunday, the last of January 2021. (Thank god, get us out of this lockdown please🙏)

This week found us talking lots about trainers, particularly from raving days… it all started with Chops talking about owning some Travel Fox trainers from back in the day, which caused a whole load of messages coming in about some shockingly funny LA Gear/shell suit/Pony wearing confessions from you lot🤣🤣🤣 and Chops, who’s mum bought him some Pony trainers, that he says he didn’t ever wear🤔🤣

Anyway – stay home and stay safe party peeps, we must get back to some kind of normal and as soon as possible🙏

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So, if you want to listen all over again or didn’t catch us the first time round then here you go…. here’s the Mixcloud for your listening pleasure❤🕺💃🎶 A truly impeccable track selection with a more disco feel from Chops and plenty of giggles and banter to boot – enjoy xx

Here’s the tracklist:

1. I’m in Love.. (caught up mix) Sha-Lor
2. The Deep End.. Svet
3. More Than Magic.. Bonnetti
4. The Way You Give .. Flausching
5. Always There(Re-Invention of Time Mix).. Redux Inc
6. Change The World.. Ante Perry, Flo Mrzdk
7. Easy Ryder.. Dompe
8. In Arms .. Shakedown
9. I Feel Good (Jason Herd & The Cube Guys 2021 remix)..
Roland Clark
10. Hold Back, Turn Back..Lee Cabrera, Richard F.
11. Pasilda.. Mele`, Shovell
12, Pacific.. Freemasons
13. Roller Disco.. Crazibiza
14. How Do I Let Go (dj Kone & Marc Palacios remix). Dennis Ferrer ft. K.T. Brooks
15. Miss U (Lubelski & RYBO Remix). n808 & Stan Jericho