Happy Friday Party Peeps! TGIF – at last🥰👏

I think it’s a quiet one for me this weekend – it’s been busy with birthdays and celebratory shenanigans the last couple of weekends so this weekend I am well and truly Sensible Susan🤣

But – if you’re out and about there’s a more than a couple of cracking parties on – Just a handful of tickets left for Better Days at Zeus in Ascot, and you can catch our Mista Chops there with a massive DJ lineup, including the one and only Grant Nelson, Kevin Delaney, Paul Spencer, Johnny Coombes and many more, just click HERE to get your hands on the remaining few!

Also on the same night you could choose to go to Release the Blag at The Old Court in Windsor and they’ve got a pretty decent DJ lineup too, including The Guvnor – Gary Mac, Nikki T and Turkish to name a few, so if you haven’t got tickets, make some decisions and get tapping or clicking to get your party weekend sorted💃🥂Tap HERE for the ticket link for Release The Blag!

Anyway, as ever we had the best time at The Breakfast Club on Tuesday morning, see above for the Mixcloud mix, and scroll down for the playlist, there’s some proper bangers on there, “hot tracks” in my opinion include:

Saturday Morning, amazing! Rules have reworked Oliver Cheatham’s classic so well, I love it and of course – Mercury Superstar by BENNY DI GIOIA & DJ CUCKY – OMG just totally awesome… not sure my neighbours are my top fans at the moment with this one, the Sonos is rockin🎶🎶

And let’s not forget Dr Doolittle, sorry I mean Mista Chops, who surpassed himself by smuggling so many animals into the studio this week, causing much hysteria, we always have so many giggles🤣 (I’d also like to point out that no real animals were at the sudio or were harmed, as Chops would say!)

Anyway – it’s all in the Mixcloud widget above, pop The Breakfast Club on your speaker and play it loud🎶🎶 It’s the weekend! And don’t forget to set your alarm for next Tuesday, 7am, bright and early🪩🎊🤩

Big Love always, Abigail & Chops xxx

The Tracklist:

  1. I Want Your Love (Original Mix)  Samer Soltan

  2. Good Inside (Angelo Ferreri Remix) Sonic Soul Orchestra, Kathy Brown, Angelo Ferreri

  3. Tonight (Extended Mix) Superlover

  4. Wait (Extended Mix) [feat. Phebe Edwards] Illyus & Barrientos

  5. Save My Life (Folamour Remix) Benny Mussa

  6. The First Time Free (Claptone Remix) Ultra Nate

  7. Ready for Love (Richard Earnshaw Extended Klubb Mix) Love Klubb, Richard Earnshaw

  8. DJ Koze – Pick Up (Super Disco Club Rework)

  9. Starlight (Grant Nelson VIP Dub) David Lee ZR, Omar

  10. In Your Heart, Barefaced Thriller

  11. Saturday Morning (Extended Mix) Rules

  12. Higher (Extended Mix) Lizzie Curious

  13. Two Heavens (Original Mix) Charlotte Moss

  14. Do You Remember Basstone (Matt Moore Remix) Sole Fusion

  15. Girl Ya Know (Mattei & Omich Extended Remix) Jon Fitz, GUYZA & Mattei & Omich

  16. Love Forever (Original Mix) under_score

  17. Everybody Somebody (Extended Mix) Kid Massive

  18. Feeling U (Deep Mix) Donny Fodera, Yasmin

  19. Do It (Zach Witness Extended Remix) Eddie Fowlkes, Dames Brown

  20. Movin’ On (Sugarstarr Extended Remix) Roach Motel

  21. Beggin’ You (Leftwing ; Kody Extended Remix) Hayden James, SAYGRACE

  22. Perfect Love (Biscits Extended Remix) Todd Edwards

  23. Aurora (Original Mix) Matius Sundblad

  24. Mercury Superstar (Original Mix) BENNY DI GIOIA & DJ CUCKY

  25. “I Need You” Barefaced Thriller

  26. Restless Soul (LP Giobbi Extended Remix) Todd Edwards

  27. Low Rider (Kyle Watson Remix) War

  28. No Matter (Extended Mix) Flashmob & Marco Lys

  29. Revolution Groove (Original Mix) Lucio B, Kris Levy