Happy Mondays to you all! Hope you’ve had the best weekend🤩🥰💛💛💛

I’m running a bit later than planned with this but it’s all here💥💥💥, the Mixcloud of last week’s Drivetime Disco, pop it on and play it loud! And if you loved the funky disco house selection as much as I did, here’s the tracklist👇

  1. Rock Tha Show (Original Mix) Jay Vegas
  2. Disco Trip (Nu Disco Mix) Ministry of Funk
  3. Spank, Rescue & Jerome Robbins
  4. Never Get Close Enough (Original Mix) Smudged Soul
  5. Fly (Extended Mix) Sum Bloke
  6. Lauren (I Can’t Stay Forever) (Claptone Extended Remix) Oden & Fatzo
  7. Soul Glow (Love Digital Mix) Marc Cotterell
  8. Rhodes of Love (Original Mix) Bonetti
  9. I Want Your Body (Funky Vibe Mix) Votu, Constantino & Padovano & Funky Junction
  10. Need You, Mirco Berti
  11. Talking to Myself (Extended Mix) Qubiko
  12. Disco Punk, Mason Maynard
  13. Touch Me (Extended) Rubber People
  14. She Got Me On, Paul Johnson
  15. Paradize (Original Mix) Felipe Avelar, Disco Ball’z
  16. Love is All I Got (Extended Mix) Rubber People
  17. Lost (Featuring Lisa Pure, Katherine Ellis) (Majestic Remix) Roger Sanchez

Enjoy your day and catch you Wednesday! Remember to keep that radio locked to Release Radio all day every day! Just tap here to get the APP!

Big Love Always, Abigail & Chops xxx