Something a little bit different as we’re usually talking about house and disco on Abigail’s Party!

I’m super proud of my musical heritage and so pleased to see my dad, John Fiddler keeping ahead of the game with the launch of his new record label Living Room Records, 👈give that a tap and have a look! 

Tune in today to Radio Tyneside to hear a live interview with my dad, John and Paul Robinson, Chair & Presenter on East London Radio, Presenter on Radio Tyneside and Chief Executive Officer at The Radio Academy.

A little bit of background…. “John Lennon insisted that Medicine Head were signed to a record deal and Radio 1 DJ John Peel was a big fan of their cool blues rock-pop sound. Join John Fiddler and myself Sunday at 4pm for One and One is One, Slip and Slide and much more on Radio Tyneside 93.6FM, smart speakers, tune in and radio player.”