It’s the weekend! Happy Friday to you all🎶🤩🥰

And….. to my fellow homeschool “teachers” – it’s also the beginning of half term, I hope you enjoy actually doing something else in the next week aside from teaching your little darlings🥂🎉🎊

Freakin’ Hallelujah, next week is going to be the closest I’ve been to freedom in 2021 I think??? Teaching teenagers, tut tut🤣

Here’s the latest Mixcloud from Chops and Abigail’s #DrivetimeDisco show on Release Radio, it’s absolutely bursting full with super disco and funky house tunes with plenty of giggles and banter as usual! This week the conversation seemed to be in the main about the weather, bloody cold isn’t it(?)/how very British darling🤣  Electric cars and their features, including thobs, fobs and phobs🤔🤣, you’ll have to talk to Joe Borgia and Clint Tee about those…. and then we moved onto pronunciation🤣 say no more… excuse the pun🤣 and how nice it would be to be sponsored by a car dealership (being a Drivetime show and all that) not mentioning any names Audi, Range Rover, BMW, Volkswagen and the like…🙏 we’d love to try the features on your electric cars, just so we can corroborate Joe Borgia’s facts and figures of course… Anyway, don’t ask, just tippety tap your way over to the Release app or Mixcloud and play our latest #DrivetimeDisco loud, enjoy the ride🚗💥🎶

Here’s the track list:

1.What you need… Soft House Company 

  1. Good for the Hole…  Knee Deep , Upper Class
  2. Discomplexation… Vastly Umanets, Moa Bay 
  3. Pain Reliever… Pinto(NYC),Dylan English
  4. I Remember (Babert extended remix)… Mattei & Omich,  Ella
  5. Wanna get Down… Peter Brown 
  6. Goodnight Moon (Nu ground foundation dub motif)… Houseledge Incorporated 
  7. Touch the Sky… (Imonol Molina remix) Dennis Ferrer 
  8. Manero (Studio 54 remix)… The Cube Guys, Olav Basoski 
  9. No more Looking Back  ft.Steffanie Crist’an… Idris Elba, Inner City 
  10. You Fooled Around … Le Bon Groove 
  11. Do it Slowly … Chemars 
  12. All I Need…  ft. Jane Dissolut 
  13. Again & Again  (Ridney remix)… Dj Mark Brickman 
  14. Bring Me Up… Moreno Pezzolato 
  15. One Desire (Jannan remix)… Barbara Tucker & Tuccilo


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As ever, we’re sending you big virtual hugs and lots of love❤️

Catch you next Wednesday and enjoy your weekend!

Abigail and Chops xxx