We are really excited about seeing each and every one of you tomorrow at ours and old Queenies birthday!  God Save The Queen and Happy Birthday Us!

Meet the team who will be looking after your every need…  Starting with the superstar DJs 🙂

John JonesJohn Jones was one of the original DJ line up from Hed Kandi, and he’s had the amazing experience to have toured worldwide with Hed Kandi & Ministry of Sound for some of their most successful years – 14 of them to be precise!  Aside from DJing at so many fabulous venues in the UK and internationally, John is founder of Yoversion Records – why not have a listen to their latest podcast here.  John has DJ’d at too many clubs worldwide to list right now, but check his biog to learn more about this amazing chap!  Welcome John to team AP!

Von Adams

Von Adams – what a guy.! I’ve known Von for many many years and last bumped into him when he was DJing at Clockwork Orange at Fire in Vauxhall.  A perfect gentleman with a superb talent, Von has DJ’d at many fabulous venues such as the Prince of Wales in Brixton & Cafe Mambo in Ibiza.  After all these years of knowing you Von I’m really chuffed to be working with you <3  See you tomorrow x

Kevin 1So Good Boy – Kevin Delaney, the man who can!  Kevin has been with me at nearly every single Abigail’s Party.  Firstly, he turns up and transforms the venue to unrecognisable status, with sound and lighting equipment which can only be compared to looking like the deck of a space ship (!) and then he rocks the dancefloor throughout the night.  Kev has played at some fabulous venues such as Ministry of Sound & McQueen in Shoreditch and is now embarking on some very exciting projects with So Good Productions and All Things House,  the last of which featured the one and only Mr Victor Simonelli on the line up!  Kevin – thanks for being part of the team again – can’t wait to hear you and see what you’re gonna do with The Waggon tomorrow x

Chops and sonIt’s all gravy with Mista Chops!  A real diamond geezer who played a great set of classic house at the last Abigail’s Party.  Mista Chops can frequently be heard live on a Friday lunchtime on Select UK Radio when he’s not DJing and setting up sound and light systems with Kev Delaney, Rambo and the gang at a Pantiles reunion, All Things House or a So Good Party.  Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow Chops x

Danny Townsend, thank you for being you, you always know what to do on the night of an Abigail’s Party and frequently point me in the right direction about a whole host of everything!  You know what I’m talking about – there are too many things to mention 🙂  I’ve grown up with this fabulous chap from a very young age of being rock n roll kids together – what a guy! Thank you Danny Does – you sure do xx

Sara Layton

Sara Layton – our fabulous photographer!  (Pictured here with my little sister Lucy.)  Make sure you’re looking gorgeous gang – she’s at the ready to capture you having a ball at an Abigail’s Party soon.  Thank you Sara – your fantastic photos help us all remember the fun times we have at Abigail’s Party.  And we all know a picture speaks a thousand words 🙂

Billie and Mary

Lovely Ladies on the door – What would we do without you?  Billie & Mary will be looking after you from the moment you arrive, what a welcome!  Get your tickets ready and they’ll be there to give you your wristbands, sell you more tickets if you need some, and take your coats and umbrellas at our cloakroom.  Sadly rain is forecast tomorrow, but it won’t be raining in The Waggon, so get there early and ENJOY x


Jags SecurityMaggie McEneaney

Jags & Maggie, the security guys – thanks for keeping a watchful eye over our party and our guests.  I wouldn’t mess with either of you – fact! Thanks for being a very important part of the team 🙂

Abigail's Party Pic

Last of all – meet me, your host!

I really do have an amazing job at Abigail’s Party and I’m lucky to have built up such an awesome team of people doing something I have true passion for.  You’ll see me running around of a night and chatting to many of our lovely guests, you can find me at the bar, on the door or maybe on the dancefloor.  Looking forward to meeting as many of you as I possibly can tomorrow at our birthday party.

Yours truly, Abigail x

PS – Need a ticket to Abigail’s Party at The Waggon for tomorrow night – Saturday 11th June? Then click here to bag one of the limited number that are left. See you tomorrow night xx