As this Friday 30th September is going to be a very special fund raiser event at Abigail’s Party, we’d like to offer you the opportunity to reserve one of our 4 tables, which will include a bottle of chilled Champagne for you and your friends.
If you’d like to be one of the lucky few to quaff champagne under the laser light, please contact me at or DM via the Facebook page soonest with your “bid.” The highest bidders will get the tables – simple.  Bidding has now started and we’re waiting for you, don’t feel you have to go in with an astronomically high bid – just bid – you may get lucky!  And the good thing here is that it’s a win win situation, if you win the bid, you win the Champagne and the table to drink it at and MacMillan gets a decent donation – lovely!
Come on people – it’s for Macmillan Cancer Support! Winning bids will be announced at 6pm on Friday 30th September – we will contact you directly and announce on our Facebook Page.
Have a great day and see you Friday at The Turk’s Head, Twickenham xx
PS: The ticket link is here
Please share this post with your friends and hope to see you Friday 🙂