Kev & JaneIntroducing Kevin Delaney – a chap who’s been there with me at virtually every Abigail’s Party to date.  Kevin we can’t wait to have you on the team again tomorrow!  Get your tickets for Friday 15th July here peeps – we’re in for another big night!

Kevin Delaney – AKA So Good Boy – developed a love of dance music from very early on in life after a weekend spent in London with his uncle, the legendary Finbar O’Brien.

In those days of the mid/late 80s it really was all about the soul and funk, and Kev started buying 12” records and taking them to parties, playing out even if all that was available was a record player.  Kev got involved in the Acid house scene in early 1988.  His uncle – Finbar O’Brien, had started doing some parties in Edgware, North London, and he got involved in everything from helping on the door to moving equipment.

Kev got involved in the Acid house scene in early 1988.  His uncle – Finbarr O’Brien, had started doing some parties in Edgware, North London, and he got involved in everything from helping on the door to moving equipment.

As the scene turned from Acid House to House Music the Pirate Club was formed, and from 1989 onwards it became a very respected event wherever it’s home was.  Venues included HMS President on the Thames, Kev Lasers Camden Palace, The Rocket in Holloway Road and Roller Express. These events were instrumental in the growth of dance culture in London and at the time many of the superstar DJs of today played there.

In 1992 Kevin went to Australia.  This was a pivotal moment for him and within 3 months of arriving he was involved in the club scene out there.  He ended up purchasing his first sound system – a 10k JBL, and for the next 3 years he ran parties in New South Wales and Western Australia.  Kev was lucky enough to work and play alongside many big names down under.  The Aussies have a love and respect for many UK based DJs and Kev became associated with some other English promoters attracting acts from the UK to Australia such as Carl Cox and Ratpack.  Kev also started doing the warm up sets for the parties and before he knew it he was engaging the crowd and DJing at lots of parties as well as providing production.

Returning from Australia in 1995 Kev went straight to Ibiza and did a season out there. This was when the terrace at Space still had the decks on the bar.  He got himself involved with the production at Space, the beginning of things to come…

Fast forward to 2015/2016 and he’s playing at venues including the Ministry of Sound and McQueen’s under the new So Good brand and all is So Good!

Kev Victor sKevin’s running his own events on a regular basis all over the south of England and loving being involved in the scene once more. His attention to detail on his productions is well respected in the industry as all the equipment is state of the art and his commitment and effort is shown in not just his own productions but any other promoters he provides sound and light production for.

These new events include some larger projects, including investment in a new club in Ibiza. He’s also teamed up with Marc “Rambo” Whitman and has done a series of party’s at Jagz in Ascot.  A full So Good production has been provided throughout the three roomed venue and djs to date this year have included Victor Simonelli, Grant Nelson, Richard Earnshaw, Terry Farley, Blocko and Alex P to name just a few. He’s also supporting the up and coming DJ talent at his productions.  Along with linking in with other respected promoters to organise the best in dance events now not just in the UK, but Europe as well. Watch out for his new collaboration “So Good & Sweet Sensation” called “All Things Sweet,” a huge Halloween party planned in Surrey in October.

Currently Kev is operating a 30k Void Airmotion & Tri Motion sound system to many promoters and party organisers including Abigail’s Party.Kev abigails

For DJ, Sound System, DJ Equipment & Lighting Hire contact Kevin online at