Frinally! And FINALLY and it’s Friday, it’s all happening, it’s the weekend🥂🍺❤💃🕺🎉🎶🎶🎶

So, I have two things to say – get your tickets for the Release Radio Launch All Dayer on Bank Holiday Sunday 1st May at Farnborough FC👉 HERE  👈 (tap there!) You need to be there, oh yes you do!

And if you need some tunes for the weekend, here you go – it’s the Mixcloud of the Drivetime Disco 9/2/22 with some superb disco flavoured house tracks from Chops and always plenty of banter and giggles from the pair of us🙂🙂🙂🤣 Scroll down for the track list, what a great selection of super disco sounds. I absolutely love the opening track – Higher, Steve Silk Hurley works his magic with Vernessa Mitchell, play it loud🎶🎶🎶

Have the best weekend and catch you next Wicked Wonky Wednesday💛

Big love always,

Abigail & Chops xxx

  1. Higher (Steve Silk Hurley with Intro) Steve Silk Hurley, Vernessa Mitchell, Ricky Dillard
  2. Chemistry (Social Leperz Remix) Jorge Spania
  3. Classic (Lego Remix Extended) DJ Mark Brickman, Mr V. Lego
  4. The Glow of Love (Steve Silk Hurley 12 inch) Steve Silk Hurley, Greg Gibbs
  5. You Look So Good, Dompe
  6. 90s (Smeddles Piano Mix) George Smeddles
  7. Unus Mundi (Scoopy Remix) CEVs
  8. Lights of the City (Black Legend Classic Mix) Harlem Hustlers, Morrison & Black Legend
  9. The Only Thing (Original Mix) Cavi & Emzy
  10. Night Queen, Dompe
  11. Love You Feel (Wh0 Classic Extended Remix) Soul Avengerz
  12. Overtime (Yolanda Be Cool Extended Remix) Jaded
  13. Looking at You (OCD Club Mix) Norty Cotto
  14. I Love Your Lovin’ (Extended Mix) Martin Thomas
  15. See You on the Dancefloor (Extended Mix) Nicky Romero, Low Blow
  16. Rez (The Razor of Love Groove) Manston & Sims