Hey Hey everyone, hope you’re enjoying the beautiful sunshine on this glorious Thumping Thursday! ☀️☀️ Doesn’t everything seem so much better with some sun? Loving it☀️💛

We hope you’re enjoying our new showtime, Friday’s Disco Brunch on Release Radio, 12 – 2pm🎶🎶🎶 We’re looking forward to catching up with you tomorrow, so keep that radio locked to Release, all day every day🎶🎶🎶 So, without further ado, here’s the Mixcloud from last week with the tracklist (scroll down for that….) Personally I’m loving the first track, Angels by my Side, pop it on your speaker, switch the volume up and enjoy some sparkling Disco #HouseontheGrill with Chops and Me!

Have the best day, catch up tomorrow🎶🎶🎶

Big Love, Abigail & Chops xxx

The tracklist….

1.Angels by my Side (Featuring Pauline Taylor) Sophie Lloyd

  1. DiscoOne (the dukes main. Mix) Walterino, the dukes
  2. Can’t believe it’s real (JOBU presents) beards of mahogany
  3. When love is tender (sweet mix) Austin ato
  4. Last night a Dj saved my life (extended mix) retide
  5. Do you feel me (odyssey inc. remix) NY’s Finest, odyssey inc., Victor Simonelli
  6. Sunshine party (luisen do what you’re doing mix) moogy b, luisen
  7. Feel the funk (disco feeling mix) Cinols
  8. Soul heaven Dave Clarke (Bini & Martini instrumental mix) the goodfellas
  9. Yeah yeah (original mix) serge funk
  10. What I want (main mix) Ron carroll, aires adora
  11. Let no man put asunder (extended mix) mattei and omich
  12. Trouble City (original mix) foo funkers
  13. Big blow (Moodena remix) Joey negro, the sunburst band, moose
  14. Papa’s stoned, Ian ossia
  15. Tech organs (original mix) Fil alberga