Hey Peeps! Hope you’re Christmas 2018 is SO GOOD! There’s a little clue there as to who today’s mix comes from and today is my mate Kevin Delaney, well I couldn’t share a mix a day without Kevin could I?

Kev, you’re such a good friend to me and you make every Abigail’s Party So Good! Thank you millions – you rock! I can’t wait to see you, it’s been too long and I’m so excited about celebrating your birthday next year in Ibiza🥂❤️☀️💥

So without further ado, let’s hear it for Mr Kevin Delaney with this mix from Abigail’s Party at The Viper 2017! You certainly excelled yourself with this Mixcloud Kevin – it is just AMAZING! Put in on, play it loud and enjoy!

And don’t forget to get your tickets to The Viper 2019 to hear Kevin, Chops, Rob Roar, Fran, Nick and more TBC here!

Thanks Kevin xxx