Want to know more about our special guest DJ in the House Room – Mark Ruston.

Read on to hear all about his amazing DJ career to date.

Mark, we can’t wait to hear you play at our Summer Party, welcome to our team at It’s So Good at Abigail’s Party!

Like many of us Mark was bitten by the Acid House bug in ’88, and it wasn’t long before he began DJing at house parties and clubs. He’s been a prolific member of the club scene ever since those early days of house in the late 80s, and from here on in can be found behind the decks of many a great nightclub in and around London and all over the UK on most weekends.

Mark is a DJ that has a unique quality in the fact that he has a distinctive sound in whatever he plays. He can play a monumentous funky uplifting vocal house or classic old skool set and yet is also completely at ease playing an alternative Balearic vibe, or even a heavy, heads down style of house music.  Due to this Mark is constantly in demand with promoters, playing regularly at various clubs & events, boat parties & festivals throughout each year.

Through his love of DJing Mark has hosted many radio shows on stations including Passion FM, Freeze FM & his current Thursday night slot on Deep.London Radio – be sure to tune in every week between 7.30 & 10.30pm.

Over the years Mark has played alongside some complete legends including Robert Owens, Marshall Jefferson, Alex P & Brandon Block, Terry Farley, Lisa Loud, Graeme Park & many many more and his current club residencies include Sweet Sensation, Promised Land, Havin It, Pure Old Skool & Now For Something Completely Different.  

2017 is looking like a busy year for Mark with lots of forthcoming events and he has personally informed us that he is looking forward to playing at Its So Good At Abigails Party!

We look forward to seeing you all on one of the dancefloors at Broadway House Members Club on Saturday 1st July – make sure you get your tickets, it’s gonna be So Good at Abigail’s Party!

Before we go let me invite you to listen to Mark’s Old Skool set at Clockwork Orange – enjoy <3