Happy Friday to you all!
It’s the best Friday of the year – it’s the end of January and pay day and a weekend where I would normally be doing an Abigail’s Retox Party! But we’re playing it differently this year with our big bash in April.
The first time I went to The Viper Room was in LA, back in the 90s and I remember this crazy American woman chasing me around saying “Oh My God you look like Nancy Sinatra!” And she wouldn’t let up… It got quite embarrassing in the end but it sticks in my mind as a funny story to tell.
AND it’s great to be hosting at our own UK Viper Rooms in Kingston
Anyway – this is me in the 90s and Nancy – what do you think?? Not sure I see 100% resemblance!!
Have a great weekend everyone, love Abi xx
Ticket link is here, just in case you need it…. I kid you not – tickets are selling real fast – click here to get yours – it’s payday!