In day 4 of my Selection Box of Christmas Mixes is my lovely mate Von Adams❤️ I’ve known Von for many years now, having grown up in the same circle of friends in and around Richmond. He’s always been a very cool guy and someone who commands a huge amount of respect both for his charismatic personality and of course his amazing DJ skills.

I’ve been listening to this superb mix today from when Von played at Abigail’s Party back in June 2016 and boy it rocks! A perfect collaboration of house and disco sounds, you NEED to play it, do it now and save it for your Christmas playlist✨✨

Von, I’m wishing you and the family the Happiest Christmas and I hope to see you soon. And of course a very Happy Almost Christmas to everyone who takes the time to read this and play the Mixcloud mix.

Big loves and see you all tomorrow. Hope you’re enjoying my Christmas mixes.

Sent to you all with love, A xxx

Love this picture❤️ Some superb DJs right here! Von Adams, John Jones and Kevin Delaney, who I have so much to thank for❤️ Thanks Kev for making Abigail’s Party So Good! xxx