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Add a spoon full of glitter to your morning coffee and join Mista Chops and me at The Breakfast Club, every Tuesday morning on Release Radio, that’ll get your day started right💃🕺☕⏰🛁🎶 Flavour the start of your day with delicious house music, banter and always lots of laughs!

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Want to know more about us? Read on – here’s the bios, ladies first….


So where do I begin? I’ll try and keep this short and sweet, fairly tricky for someone like me, I’m pretty certain my love of chit chat is one of the reasons I’m one half of The Breakfast Club radio show🤣
I had a pretty eclectic childhood with some proper rock and roll influences, my Dad is a singer and guitarist, so music is basically life to me, I’ve known nothing else🖤  I loved hanging out with all the music business peeps who came through the door as a kid, let me tell you I could tell you some stories about some rather notorious 70s rockers. Music was the world I grew up in, what a great thing to be able to say.
Moving forward you probably know me from Abigail’s Party, which is how I met Mista Chops through Mr SoGood, Kevin Delaney, who used to come along and transform any venue with Void Air Motion sound, laser lights and some fab DJ sets too.
I love my time at Release Radio, I get to talk about loads of funny stuff and have a boogie in the studio with Chops playing some superb tunes – Boom what a result!
I’ve wanted to be a radio presenter since I was a kid and I had 2 tape recorders and a microphone🤣 so thanks so much to Chops and my amazing Release family for having me❤️💛💚


Grew up as a child listening to blues, reggae, prog rock, and disco…
As a young teenager I loved punk rock which moved into reggae, until the discovery of house music💥
The first time I officially played as a DJ was live on pirate radio in April 1989 on a station called Green Apple and loved broadcasting live.
Went on over the years to play at various underground parties and clubs and on pirate stations such as Point Blank, Streaming Fm, Passion and Select.
Recent years I’ve been involved with underground parties such as SoGood, Abigail’s party, Float Your Boat, Promised Land, and Pirate Club.
I’m not a DJ I’m a music hoarder.
So there we go – that’s a little about the music hoarder and me! Catch up with us live on Release Radio at 4-6pm every Wednesday and don’t forget to join our Facebook Group, so you can interact with us click or tap here and join today🎶

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