So here we have it, it’s the weekend! Hope you’re having a fabulous one whatever you’re doing, despite the weather, OMG what is going on there then??? At least we can go inside if we’re going out out🤣

Anyway, if you’re looking for some tunes to brighten up your day, look no further, here’s the Mixcloud mix of Wednesday’s Chops and Abigail’s Drivetime Disco on Release Radio🎶🎶🎶 and may I say Mista Chops has surpassed himself again with the funky disco house beats, so if you didn’t listen in on Wednesday, or you’d like to listen all over again, then get on it now –  you will not be disappointed, with tracks from Grant Nelson, Richard Earnshaw and many more… scroll down for the full tracklist👇

This week brought stories of Ian Dury’s vintage synthesizer, courtesy of Release Radio’s very own Tom Finn of Brothers Ruin, more nonsense about the current travel situation and the remote destinations on the “green list” and some very special pictures of Chops in his new glasses… if you’d like to see those then join our Facebook Group, click or tap here or search up #ChopsandAbigail on Facebook to join, we’d love it if you did! BUT, it is only for over 18s or the NOT faint-hearted – it can get quite risque at times🤣 Also sending out a very large and warm welcome to all of our new members, thanks for joining us, do join in the posting of funny pics, great tracks etc etc…

Wishing you all a very happy Saturday and thank you for your support, we love our time at Release Radio on the Drivetime Disco, it’s always so much fun!

Have a fabulous weekend whatever you do!

Big love always, Abigail & Chops xxx


Here’s that tracklist🎶🕺💃

1) Salsoul Nugget (if you wanna)(Mark Knight Extended Remix).. M&S, The Girl Next Door..

2) Bossa .. Grant Nelson..

3)Make it Pop.. Baum, Lina Simons..

4) The Way I Feel (Ft. Roxy Lebrasse).. Random Soul..

5) Give You- Flower Power (Vocal Mix).. Simon Storer..

6) Visions of Our Party Life..( Peter Brown Remix).. Small Talk..

7) Seventies (Mattei & Omich Remix).. Re-Tide, Elizabeth Yorke-Bolognini..

8) At Your Side.. The Oddictions..

9) Lovely.. Discoslap..

10) 5Minutes Disco.. Seb Ska

10.5) It’s Raining Dildos

11) Stone .. Foo Fun ..

12) Deliver Us ft. Lt Brown & Jay Sebag ..

13) 54 .. Jansons, James Solace..

14) Believe ( Mighty Mouse Remix).. Richard Earnshaw,  Angie Brown,  Ridney..

15) Love Will Tear Us Apart..( Hacienda Mix) .. Faithless, R Plus, Amelia Fox..

16) Back 2 Back ( Gigi Camporeale Remix) .. Amorhouse