Saturday, Saturday, Saturdayayayay! … Hello weekend, I’m coming to get you! It’s definitely time to kick back and enjoy the wind down after another busy week, so pour yourself a glass of something cold and delicious and enjoy the spring sunshine in a garden near you – whether that’s the pub garden or your own, it’s rather lovely out there today, still a little chilly at the moment but the sun is shining, I’m ready for that #ruleofsix a bit later🥂☀️

And of course, whatever you’re doing you’re gonna need some tunes – so here’s the Mixcloud of our #DrivetimeDisco radio show on Release Radio from earlier this week, ready to get you in that weekend zone super fast with Chops’ selection of disco house bangers and always plenty of giggles and there’s so many pre-releases and promos this week – check the tracklist below, it was banging as per🎶💃🕺

So what are you waiting for? It’s 5pm somewhere 🤣🥂🍸🍻🍾☀️ and remember as we always say – pleased drink responsibly🤣

Have a fab weekend and we’ll catch you next Wednesday at 4-6pm on Release Radio. Not sure how to listen? Then get the app!

Big love always,

Abigail & Chops xxx

PS: here’s that tracklist, check out track 17, that’ll wake you up🤣🤣

1) Classic.. DJ Mark Brickman,  Mr V

2). Found You .. Lee Freeman.

3). Sugar Widow .. K&K

4). Revolver.. Tom Junior 

5). Hold Me Up. Ft. Jocelyn Brown (Ferreck Dawn Extended Remix). Junior Jack,  Glory

6). Josephine (Soul Avengers Remix).. Markosa

7). Knock Me Out.. Ferreck

8). Days Like This (MicFreak’s Zoom Re Edit of Spen & Karizma’s Dub).. Shaun Escoffery

9). Symphomaniac.. Soulista,  Karmina Dai

10).You Give Me Fever (Dub Mix).. Andy Bach , Aleysha Eva 

11).Festa.. Koto Barrueto

12). Shake Your Body.  Agent Greg 

13). In Your Life .. Earth n Days 

14). My Life .. Nik Moss

15). U Got My Love.. Guz (NL)

16). Love Me or Hate Me .. Dj Kone & Marc Palacios

17). Big Fat Hairy Bollocks.. Wakey Wakey