It’s time to get back on the Disco Bus! Wouldn’t you love one of these VW Limos to chauffeur you around when we can go out again?🎶🕺💃🥂🤣

I’m so sorry I’ve missed you all recently but I think I’ve had an extreme case of Lockdown Burnout, which is apparently a real buzzword right now according to my therapist friend, or as I like to say, I’ve taken a Disco Nap – I actually came to a point last week where I simply had to take some time out from this mad world we are living in. 

So, after not having a holiday since November 2019 (yep I’m counting the days, months, years) and after yet another covid clanger, don’t ask, it’s all been a bit much, I took a little holiday at home, because where else are we going right now?? Anyway, I’m back, feeling refreshed and ready to catch up with my mate Chops and you lovely people today at 4pm at the #DrivetimeDisco on Release Radio💥💥

So – apologies for the radio silence but I’ve had to take a complete digital detox and switch everything to “out of office.” It’s probably been the longest I have ever not looked at Facebook – especially being a Social Media Manager by trade. Call it self-care or whatever you like but I feel good for the break💛 I’ve finally finished Breaking Bad and Marcella without falling asleep every time and having to work out where the funk I was last, does anyone else do that, soooo annoying! I’ve enjoyed not responded to emails, I’ve sat in the sun in the garden, hasn’t that been lovely – some sunshine and warmth in the air?? I’ve taken some time to smell the coffee instead of just pouring it down my neck to fuel what has become quite a relentless life in lockdown, and now I’m ready to go again, job done✅ 

So let’s think positively about the future and we’ll start with this – LOVELY SCHOOL STARTS AGAIN ON MONDAY!!! That’s something for all of us parents to look forward to… Freaking Hallelujah! And then, hopefully🙏 as the year unfolds, we start to get back to some kind of normality, going out, holidays, life in general. On that note – watch this space for an Abigail’s Party event coming soon💃🕺🎶🥂 

Anyway, this week you get 2 mixes/playlists – one from last week’s Chops and no Abigail’s #DrivetimeDisco, scroll up🔼 and another from me – a super chilled Spotify playlist with some of my all-time fave classic tunes, for when you need to take a Disco Nap, scroll down🔽

I cannot wait to catch up with you all later and have a little boogie with Chops💃🕺🎶🎶 Let’s get back on the Disco Bus right now – be sure to lock on and tune into Release Radio at 4-6pm.

Big Love, Abigail & Chops xxx

Dreaming of nights like these… Let’s party 2021!