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I’m sure my childhood has a lot to do with why I love to host a party, I’d been to way too many wild parties before I was even in double digits! Born into a rock and roll world, I spent my early years watching my dad play at gigs and hanging out with some rather notorious 70s rockers – let me tell you, I could tell you some stories. We had a recording studio in the garden at home and there was always a steady stream of musicians coming round to jam or record, I’d sit in and listen to them sometimes and I knew how to splice the tape on a reel to reel before I was 7 years old – my dad was was a great music producer, producing his own tracks and others way before digital, and I was his assistant, sometimes.

The 80s came and then teenage years, hip hop, soul and rare groove and it wasn’t long before me and my mates were out going to clubs like The Limelight, The Mud and The Raw, we weren’t really old enough but we still got in somehow. And then came Acid House – what a change and literally overnight, one day we were dolled up in Mary Jane heels, dressed in Camden and the King’s Road’s finest vintage and the next we were wearing green flares and shades waving our arms in the air shouting aciiiiid, good times indeed with some vague memories and sadly very few photos, too much fun.

In the late 90s/early noughties I had an opportunity to host a weekly night at Po Na Na on the King’s Road, Chelsea with a great old friend, Emma Cook, who’s sadly no longer with us. Emma was one of those rare talents, she literally started DJing one minute and the next had won the DJ Mag competition and was DJing at Ministry as her prize!

We went on to host parties at The R Bar and Flame to name a couple of venues, it was always Chelsea/Fulham way, I was back at college studying Drama so the perfect job.

Skipping through a few important years of bringing my beautiful babies into the world, during which the party bug never left me and GODS was born, AKA Growing Old Disgracefully Society, the name says it all really, I took one good look at myself and knew those words were all about me🤣🥂  GODS was soon to be followed by Abigail’s Party, well that’s my name, and what amazing times we’ve had at so many parties over the years.

Currently, I’m loving my time as a co-presenter with DJ Mista Chops at Release Radio, a big thanks to Mr Mac and the team for having me on board.

Until we meet again in person – catch me on Release for The Breakfast Club, every Tuesday morning from 7-10am.

Big love always, Abi xxx