Exactly 3 years ago today was one of the most exciting days of my life, I was getting ready to welcome my lifelong DJ Hero to Abigail’s Party.

Paul Trouble Anderson, you made my Christmas that year, I’ve spent my whole adult life listening and dancing to your music and then I booked you to DJ and it was truly magical✨✨ I loved every minute of that party, and I’m certain everyone who came will join me with that thought. Aside from playing tune after tune, you were such an amazing guy and so kind, listening to me and talking to me – goodness knows I did talk a lot to you as I was so excited. 

I’m so sad that today we’ll be saying goodbye to you Paul.

You will remain in my mind as a DJ that shaped my love of house music year after year, from when I used to record your early Kiss FM shows on a cassette and play them in the car, or anytime quite frankly whilst bobbing around with my mates in one of my first flats in Chiswick, or dancing to your tunes at Garage City or one of those early 90s clubs and I’m still playing your mixes now to this day.

In tribute to Paul Trouble Anderson I have chosen 3 Soundcloud mixes that I love and hope you all enjoy. One from The Liverpool Disco Festival quite recently, an early Kiss FM mix and the recent Glitterbox Radio Show Tribute to Paul. Melvo Baptiste you played some amazing tunes on this show in tribute to Paul, you took me back to times I’d forgotten about with tracks that remind me of different eras of dance, and it’s so heartwarming to hear DJ Spen and Bobby and Steve talk so with such fond memory about Paul during the show.

Paul Trouble Anderson, you will be sorely missed by many, bless you, RIP❤️

RIP The Legendary Paul Trouble Anderson❤️