Colour Analysis

Colours Shopping BagsWe live in a world of colour, yet wearing colour well can be tricky and so many people stick to black or neutrals.

Colour is so important in our daily life and is not just seen as something visual, it can describe and influence our feelings and emotions and even influence our decisions and spending patterns too.

Colour Analysis at Abigail’s Party

Colour Analysis is a key personal styling service offered to our guests at Abigail’s Party, and I’d like to invite you to try  Colour Analysis so that we can discover which colours suit you, how to combine them and which colours  you should avoid.

Colour is a wonderful way of expressing style on a daily basis and once we’ve established your colours you will wonder why you didn’t do this years ago!  Each and every person is suited to a particular “season” of colour and depending on which season you are, there are a spectrum of colours that are suitable for you. Did you know that there is only one “season” that can wear pure black or white well, to all of the other three these are colours that can drain and age the individual and there’s a slightly different shade or hue that will enhance and enliven their appearance.

Colour Analysis is something that is as suitable for men as well as women and is an exceptional tool when choosing successful shirt/tie/pocket square combinations for that all important meeting or date.

If you’d like to live a more colourful existence, get in touch and come to Abigail’s Party now.  Don’t hide in “safe” colours, find your true colours and enjoy them every day, happy in the knowledge that you look amazing.