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Abigail’s Party is all about having fun – through parties and events, clothes fashion and style <3

Join Abigail’s Party and come along to one of our great events or book me in for a styling session, colour analysis or personal shopping trip.  Whatever you choose, we’ll have a great time!  Join the party on Facebook to keep up with new events and style features.

Call on Abigail’s Party Styling and I can help you look and feel amazing every day.   We can do this either by managing and styling your existing clothes and accessories with a wardrobe consultation, or Colour Analysis, or we can head to the shops and invest in some key fashion essentials and accessories to compliment the wardrobe you already own.

Get in touch now, I’m more than happy to chat through your ideas, occasions and events, colours, clothing concerns or any other random fashion requirements!

I look forward to talking with you soonest.

Abigail Hall x

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